Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New gallery at Palais Orleans! Aftermath.

Hi all! Come see the new Palais Gallery in Gardenia Islands! The gallery has changed hands and is now owned by Morganna Nagorski, the former curator of the Palais Orleans art studio, back when it was located in Tasogares.

Every 2 months, there will be two artists featured together, artists whose work compliments the other..a joint theme.

The exhibition this time is called Aftermath, It opened on March 31 and runs until May 20th. The artists and creators of all the masterpieces are ariel brearly and Fingers scintilla, two wonderful artists from the UK.

Citizens of Nowhere by Fingers

Smoke Signals by Ariel
It's a great body of work. Viewing all the images and I felt the pain and suffering, as if I too had been a survivor of the aftermath of a natural disaster, historical event of suffering, or as if my life had been ravaged by pain inflicted on me by people or things around me. The focus on the eyes, I find it beautiful, poignant, and yes, even a little disturbing. And yet I can't help looking and wishing there was something I could do to relieve the suffering and pain in those eyes. A great masterpiece is one that makes you feel. By that definition, the works here are masterpieces. They are truly remarkable and stunning. They provoke you  to stop and feel and just think about what is happening or what could be happening to cause such misery.

Please stop by and view all the work. You'll find it all here.