Monday, September 10, 2012

The Splendor of Desire

The Splendor of Desire is a collaboration at Palais Art Studio by Corinne Helendale and Jessica Belmer.

This collaboration is a bit different than in past galleries. In Morgana's words:

My concept for Palais Orleans Gallery was, for each show, to have two artists collaboration on a theme, but Corinne and Jessica have taken the idea of a collaboration to a whole new level. Each piece had been worked on at every stage by both artists and it has been really interesting being allowed a peek into their unique process and so exciting, over the last few months, watching images develop and evolve and then finally be chosen to form what is a very beautiful collection. 

SLURL: Islands/75/68/2501

Gallery duration: 
Saturday, July 28th - Sunday, September 23rd.


To desire is to be in a particular state of mind. It is a state of mind that is commonly associated with a number of different effects: a person with a desire tends to act in certain ways; feel in certain ways; and think in certain ways. If one desires water, one will get a glass of water; if one does not get a glass of water right away one will nonetheless feel the urge to do so; one will find the thought of water pleasant and one's current lack of water unpleasant; one will find one's thoughts repeatedly turning to the idea of water; one will judge that water seems like a good idea; and so forth and so on.

The Artists

We thought these mechanisms of the mind to be rich ground to build visual narratives upon… and The Splendor of Desire is an exploration of various scenarios where Desire meets conflict, uncertainty or joy.

When Morgana asked us to do this show, we of course welcomed the chance. The idea of collaborating on a whole series of images based on desire seemed challenging and compelling.  What happened, though, was way more than what either of us ever expected—we essentially created a third "artist" who was greater than the sum of the two of us.


We incorporated play into our work, and while some of it can be seen in the images, mostly it just rippled through the whole process. We developed each piece together, from concept, to shoot, to final processing. Our images would come from anywhere—anything from a whim to a structured series with a story to tell. We would build sets to match our vision, create scenes, make poses, create textures—everything and anything needed to flesh out the narrative of the images we were exploring. 

Collaboration took hold of us and brought us to places we never could have reached on our own.

The Offering

Many thanks to Morgana Nagorski for believing in us and allowing us the opportunity to exhibit in Palais Orleans. All image-making was completed in our studios with the exception of one shot imaged at Roche and another at Neva River.

We hope you enjoy the work, and have as much fun exploring and engaging the images as we had making them.

Jessica Belmer and Corinne Helendale
July 2012

I'm happy to announce LUMIPro's ongoing sponsorship of arts in Second Life. Morgana Nagorski and Palais Orleans Gallery is hosting an art showing, "The Splendor of Desire," featuring Jessica Belmer and Corinne Helendale.

Corinne is someone I call a close friend, and our working  together in the development of the LUMIPro lighting system has been amazing. I personally consider this show a triumph of that collaboration!

I have a personal fondness for Palais Orleans, as the previous owner of the gallery and I were early collaborators on LUMIPro. I'm proud to help continue her legacy. 

Morgana Nagorski is an avid LUMIPro user and advocate to the art world, and I'm excited that LUMIPro gets a chance to be involved with her. 

Jessica and Corinne used LUMIpro extensively throughout "The Splendor of Desire," from the wearable lights to countless projectors.

LUMIPro is a professional lighting and pose system for artists, photographers, and machinimists. The system has been used for several magazine covers so far in 2012 as well as some of the leading art and music videos. Come check out a demo of our system at and check out a gallery of our work.

Stefan Buscaylet
Colleen Criss

We hope you enjoy the art and have fun! Islands/75/68/2501 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Palais Art Gallery Presents:Lucid Dreams: Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy

Opening night was May 26th. Among the guests were Frolic Mills, Kato Salyut, Raven McCollough, stefan Buscaylet, and Colleen Criss.

The two featured artists were Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy! Go here to visit!

Palais Art Gallery is proud to present Lucid Dreams!

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Amona's statement about the show
"Just sinking into the dreamland she wanted so much, like a relief, a wanted ending to another day. Eyes closed, her body being one with the ground, just waiting for memory to escape her. Never being conscious of the moment when she faded in from the reality into the dream. 

Enjoying the lucid dreams carrying her over water, to distant cities, the encounters with strangers, just briefly discovering their secrets, dreams of dreams, each more deeper than the other.

Floating moments, more vague now, the dream slowly filling her body, making it weightless and translucent. Mirroring it in distant oceans, posed in colored rooms, wander through dream gardens, between painted walls and encounter lovers and fairies, friends and enemies.

She would just live the dream, picturing it, seek and sense it and just dwell in it, like being in another existence or a second life."

This was the dream I wanted to be in - and that I wanted to picture. 

It has been a joy working with Harbor. Her obvious artistic sense and skills has been an inspiration for me and has made me challenge myself, and I hope you will notice that.

Thank you so much Morgana for your work with preparing and creating the shows for your gallery and work with us. It is very exciting for me to exhibit in your gallery. 

Second Life has been a blessing for me and made me able to use my artistic skills again. Thanks to my friends in SL and in Flickr, without you this would not be as fun. And thanks to my partner, you know how much you mean to me.

Amona Savira May 2012

Amona - False Awakening

Harbor's statement about the show
I've always felt that Second Life was a type of Lucid Dreaming, a world created by our fantasies and desires.  A world vivid while immeresed in it yet ephmeral upon departure.  A dream within a dream.

My hope was to convey that ephmeral quality of the dream state.. a vision short lived, grasped for a moment by the mind only to disappear, leaving us with a vague memory or sensation.

My many thanks to Morgana for all the work she does in creating and supporting these shows at her gallery and for her belief in my work.  Thank you to Amona..who's talent makes me want to expand and push my personal horizons and last but certainly not least thank you to all who use this dream we call Second Life to create.  It is your acts of creation from the smallest item to the largest sim that fuels this dream.

Harbor Galaxy May 2012

Harbor - Sins coming home to roost

This is one gallery you don't want to miss! So come on over to Gardenia Islands and see Lucid Dreams.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Victoria Lenoirre

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New gallery at Palais Orleans! Aftermath.

Hi all! Come see the new Palais Gallery in Gardenia Islands! The gallery has changed hands and is now owned by Morganna Nagorski, the former curator of the Palais Orleans art studio, back when it was located in Tasogares.

Every 2 months, there will be two artists featured together, artists whose work compliments the other..a joint theme.

The exhibition this time is called Aftermath, It opened on March 31 and runs until May 20th. The artists and creators of all the masterpieces are ariel brearly and Fingers scintilla, two wonderful artists from the UK.

Citizens of Nowhere by Fingers

Smoke Signals by Ariel
It's a great body of work. Viewing all the images and I felt the pain and suffering, as if I too had been a survivor of the aftermath of a natural disaster, historical event of suffering, or as if my life had been ravaged by pain inflicted on me by people or things around me. The focus on the eyes, I find it beautiful, poignant, and yes, even a little disturbing. And yet I can't help looking and wishing there was something I could do to relieve the suffering and pain in those eyes. A great masterpiece is one that makes you feel. By that definition, the works here are masterpieces. They are truly remarkable and stunning. They provoke you  to stop and feel and just think about what is happening or what could be happening to cause such misery.

Please stop by and view all the work. You'll find it all here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Unified Heart: Leonard Cohen at Palais Orleans Art Studio

Hi art lovers at Palais!

At Palais, you can come see the Unified Heart exhibition, where all the photographs are dedicated to Leonard Cohen.

The opening night was January 21st from 6pm-8pm SLT.

Feautured artists were:

Acacia Merlin
Ariel Brearly
Burk Bode
Cat Boccaccio
Corinne Helendale
Danteliicia Ethaniel
Del May
Harbor Galaxy
Johnfrancis Laville
Kato Salyut
Kira Westland
Lily Laufer
Maloe Vansant
meilo Minotaur
Morgana Nagorski
Patricie Sapphire
sanam Sewell
Skip Staheli
Tamzin Xigalia
Zebra Thursday

The gallery was curated by Morgana Nagorski.

I took a few pics from the opening night.

Dance Me To The End of Love by Morgana Nagorski

Let Me Be Your Love by Skip Staheli

If It Be Your Will by Kira Westland

I even have a picture up on flickr. :-)
Thanks Kato!

Opening night was busy. I came around 7, because earlier the sim was full.

Come visit the gallery now! The showing ends March 18th.

Visit the gallery here:

Enjoy the art and have fun!