Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recognizing a 4th Rez Day for a Beloved SL member

On May 2nd, myself and a bunch of friends were at Benares for a Rez Day celebration...brinda Allen's! Brinda has been in SL for 4 years now. She owns and runs Benares, as well as a shop at Ross infohub which she shares with Ling Hotshot, one of her oldest and most faithful friends through the years.

She also has a great blog where she writes about her friends, her thoughts about Linden Lab, and the life in which she sleeps. I always enjoy reading what she writes. She's a good writer as well as such an interesting person. Her vision and view of people is just so eye-opening, refreshing and...soulful. She is one of my favorite persons in SL, besides being my first true friend. Without her, I wouldn't have done so well in SL or have stayed even. When you feel like giving up or that you've lost steam, you can talk to brinda and she really knows how to put things in perspective. I'll admit that there were times where she roughed me up a bit, but I deserved it and it did me good.

To many, brinda is like a rock and a mother. She shelters us and makes us feel that we're safe and we're doing okay. She encourages us to do our best and go for our dreams not just for SL but also RL. I am not the same person I was when I first joined SL. I have learned so many things, made many mistakes, and though I still make mistakes here (who doesn't?), I know that she's there and even if we don't speak, I feel her presence and I can imagine what she'd say to me. She'll always tell it sugar coating and no prettying it up. If anyone needs a reality check, that's what they'll get, believe me. We all need to have our feet down on the ground.

It's not all serious with her though. She has a great sense of humor and she's fun to be around. I'm always fascinated by what brinda does behind the scenes, like making textures, traveling places, or just working. Also, brinda loves to help new residents and show friends around. She also likes to go to concerts like ones by Hexxie or Porter Paquot. I remember she took me to Burning Man in October, that was quite exciting. She loves exhibitions and art like that. Some of her oldest friends in SL are famous artists and/or SL content creators. She has "connections" in Not the underground kind, the good kind. ;-)

Brinda has helped hundreds of new and old residents in SL. I was one of the newbies that she has helped and raised. She is like a mother figure. Most of all, she is a true friend. She'll be there to talk or listen or help.

Ling, her longtime friend set the celebration up. Myself and other of her friends tried to help out as much as we could. It was a surprise party we held that night. A bunch of us were there, waiting for her to show up.

There was a DJ who came to provide the tunes, he works at The Mill, a venue owned by Porter Pequot. The party lasted from 7pmSLT until 9pmSLT. A lot of her friends came and the music was awesome! I ended up staying the whole time, despite it being a work night. I was so glad I stayed. Brinda really enjoyed herself, I think. Some old friends came as well as some new ones. We all came to show our support and love for brinda. Our SL experiences and even our lives would be so different without her.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday!

I hope you are having a great Friday!

BTW, do any of you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I know some places in SL had some Cinco de Mayo outfits. I don't remember which store though. I get notices from What's New SL. It's a great group for SL merchants and SL shoppers.

I'm an SL merchant.

In case you're wondering, I did in fact create that banner. I created it in GIMP. It's amazing what one can do in photo editing software!

I'm only a GIMP novice, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It can be fun! I may not be the best at painting, sculpting, or shaping, but I am good with detail and color. I envision images in my head and I try to translate them to the screen.

If you want to see my stores, view my pics inworld or you can access my web profile from

Happy Friday and have an awesome, awesome weekend!