Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking a pulse of Palais blog readers

Hey y'all!

What's up? How are you doing? Feel free to comment if you wish. You can be anonymous, logged in with your google profile, any of the choices in the dropdown list when you go to post a comment. We want to hear from you! We'd like to know what you think about Palais!

I've been busy editing. The articles for May's magazines are looking good so far!

There's an article by madison Arnahan, 2 articles by Michiel Seetan I believe, one from Traci Nubalo, some from Elizabeth Weinberg, one from Jullianna Juliesse, and more!

It's going to be good!

Did you miss me?

I will try to post more often.

I have been working on an updated guide for Bloom by Sabrinaa. It is a Wonderful Evenings Guide, more on that later. I will be sure to post a few excerpts and some of the pics I take.

Take care and live well!


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