Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art want them, you got them!

Hi readers!

I'm glad so many people voted in the poll. Sorry for the late acknowledgment. Editing and writing duties have kept me busy. I also have a store where I sell poses and some clothes and sculpts, Lady Victoria's Shop. The group is Miss Vic's Store Group. I'll write more on that at a later date. And I will write about Wonderful Evenings later too. I have not forgotten.

I plan to write more art reviews. I absolutely love art in SL and in RL.

I don't have a solid art background, but I have several art contacts. I am slowly making my rounds of the SL art world. And let me tell is amazing! I have met many nice, brilliant artists. Spending time with them is a treat. I can hardly wait to get started on my next art review.

And hey, if you hear of an artist and want to get my opinion, email me at or send me an IM, Victoria Lenoirre, inworld! Two R's and one N! *giggles*

Take care y'all and be well!

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