Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"What Bobbi Sees": A look at forms, color, and light through the eyes of Bobbi Laval

Palais Gallery
Opening March 1st 211
Opening reception, 7:00 pm SL time

Bobbi Laval is known for her competitive SecondLife surfing and is often seen dancing at live music venues around SL. However over the last few years she is becoming known for her artistic inworld photography, digital manipulations, and digital paintings. Her subjects range from classical portraits to the wildly abstract. Bobbi's work is expressive in that it portrays the feelings and emotions that she often struggles to express in words. Sometimes tugging at heartstrings, sometimes a bit on the naughty side. Bobbi continues to explore and push her limits, each show or series of art she does tends to be unlike anything else she has done before.

"What Bobbi Sees" is a new exhibit featuring new work with just a few old favorites. It is a look at sensual forms through Bobbi's eyes blending into abstract works that represent the feelings and emotions that escape from Bobbi's head onto the digital screen.


  1. Mmm very glad you are doing a profile on Bobbi. That girl rocks!

  2. and OMG, you have an article on my good buddy Frets Nirvana, it's awesome!.

  3. Did you also notice the article "Editing SL Photographs" in this issue as well ? If you are a photographer it is "must read" material.