Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wandering and Meandering

I found myself with some time to spend the other evening and started a trek through some Galleries inspired by the notices of the Art and Artists Network.  I choose a couple of  places to visit based merely on the random chronology of the announcements. I got lucky !

My first stop was to Nordan Art. This is owned by Flora Nordenskiold and I have added a link to the her  blog under our "Blogs of Note" section.

The announcement inworld read:

"Nordan Art exhibit, showing Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski and Helene Lytton, from March 12 to April 30, 2011Nordan Art exhibit, showing Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski and Helene Lytton, from March 12 to April 30, 2011"

The SLURL is here.

"Memories" Exhibit at Nordan Art

The three featured artists all bring something special and unique. I had wanted, hoped for and anticipated something that would make me think when I began the trek. I  am happy I came here first.. One could feast here for hours.

Rebeca Bashly - Iced

Ms Bashly delivers prim sculptures with an ice or frozen appearance. Following a journey inside the head, inside the mind of one sculpture, one finds the curious litter of thoughts and symbolism. I became trapped trying to ascertain how one side fared so badly on the chess board with so little development by the other side.

Rose Borchovski - Memories   Susa Bubbles. And from the minds eye. I found this point of view disturbing. I could feel anxiety. Tension.  Is this subjective on my part ? The grimaces and the discomfort of Susa tell me differently. Do you have a memory that does that to you ?

Helene Lytton  - I need more Linden. I need to buy "First Time We Met (1)". How does one create so much sensuality in such a small gesture.  I am going back.

Hard Curves

Toby Zsun is the owner. Erotic Art of the BDSM kind.

Showing Toby Jackman - "Dominance"

Also see

madison Arnahan: some very lovely lovelies on the wall ..

Toby Zsun: The studio is on two floors. you can join our group here too:_)
Toby Zsun: Thank you

Toby Zsun: Please look around and enjoy:-)
madison Arnahan: How long have you been open here ?
Toby Zsun: Since the 1st March
Toby Zsun: The gallery was at Roissy for year before thet
madison Arnahan: Oh really ? Are you associated with Zena Zemlja in some way ?
Toby Zsun: Yes she ranthe gallery before and has been my patron in a way...but I now run it myself but she has helped me set it up here.
madison Arnahan: I had been banned from Roissy.

Toby Zsun: Sorry Madison oh you were banned?

Toby Zsun: Are you an artist?
madison Arnahan: I can easily see what makes it erotic. I cannot see art that easily.
madison Arnahan: Well some people say that I am.
madison Arnahan: I am a photographer.
Toby Zsun: Well I term myself a photographer as you see...
madison Arnahan: These are yours ..
Toby Zsun: Yes they are.....
madison Arnahan smiles
Toby Zsun: All my own they say
madison Arnahan: I am having a dilemma with BDSM art lately ..
Toby Zsun: Oh in what way?
madison Arnahan: Even my own work so do not take my criticism personally .
madison Arnahan: or observations
Toby Zsun: lol I'm used to criticism...go on:-)
madison Arnahan: I just have not seen too much that makes me think ..
madison Arnahan: and I am not speaking of this here and now specifically . generally .
madison Arnahan: Some pretty pictures.
Toby Zsun: Ok...

madison Arnahan: I did enjoy Expose 12 ..more than others
Toby Zsun: Believe it or not that was the first piece I did!
madison Arnahan: Really
Toby Zsun: The idea came form a work by the late Bob Carlos Clarke
madison Arnahan: There are elements in it I really like . the gloves . the posture..
madison Arnahan: the background
Toby Zsun: It is proving to be one of the most popular

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