Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrity Spotlight....Flor Nachtigal!

Flor is Palais Magazine's Editor-in-Chief. She has been with Palais since its inception. She is intelligent, talented, and a wonderful person to work with. I first met her on Benares. When I met her, she was arranging blocks on her parcel like dominoes. Every block was arranged neatly and with deliberateness.

Brinda Allen, the sim owner of Benares in Second Life wrote a great blog entry about Flor. If you read Flor's article in Palais's most recent issue, you'd have read about Flor's learning experiences in SL. Brinda was her first mentor. Also, brinda was my first mentor and first true friend in SL.

To sum up what Brinda wrote, Flor always liked to build and took interest in building early on. Flor is a great content creator. She even has products posted at marketplace. Read the blog article here.

Flor is the brains of Palais and we are proud to have her behind the wheel, driving Palais forward.


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