Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wandering and Meandering

I found myself with some time to spend the other evening and started a trek through some Galleries inspired by the notices of the Art and Artists Network.  I choose a couple of  places to visit based merely on the random chronology of the announcements. I got lucky !

My first stop was to Nordan Art. This is owned by Flora Nordenskiold and I have added a link to the her  blog under our "Blogs of Note" section.

The announcement inworld read:

"Nordan Art exhibit, showing Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski and Helene Lytton, from March 12 to April 30, 2011Nordan Art exhibit, showing Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski and Helene Lytton, from March 12 to April 30, 2011"

The SLURL is here.

"Memories" Exhibit at Nordan Art

The three featured artists all bring something special and unique. I had wanted, hoped for and anticipated something that would make me think when I began the trek. I  am happy I came here first.. One could feast here for hours.

Rebeca Bashly - Iced

Ms Bashly delivers prim sculptures with an ice or frozen appearance. Following a journey inside the head, inside the mind of one sculpture, one finds the curious litter of thoughts and symbolism. I became trapped trying to ascertain how one side fared so badly on the chess board with so little development by the other side.

Rose Borchovski - Memories   Susa Bubbles. And from the minds eye. I found this point of view disturbing. I could feel anxiety. Tension.  Is this subjective on my part ? The grimaces and the discomfort of Susa tell me differently. Do you have a memory that does that to you ?

Helene Lytton  - I need more Linden. I need to buy "First Time We Met (1)". How does one create so much sensuality in such a small gesture.  I am going back.

Hard Curves

Toby Zsun is the owner. Erotic Art of the BDSM kind.

Showing Toby Jackman - "Dominance"

Also see

madison Arnahan: some very lovely lovelies on the wall ..

Toby Zsun: The studio is on two floors. you can join our group here too:_)
Toby Zsun: Thank you

Toby Zsun: Please look around and enjoy:-)
madison Arnahan: How long have you been open here ?
Toby Zsun: Since the 1st March
Toby Zsun: The gallery was at Roissy for year before thet
madison Arnahan: Oh really ? Are you associated with Zena Zemlja in some way ?
Toby Zsun: Yes she ranthe gallery before and has been my patron in a way...but I now run it myself but she has helped me set it up here.
madison Arnahan: I had been banned from Roissy.

Toby Zsun: Sorry Madison oh you were banned?

Toby Zsun: Are you an artist?
madison Arnahan: I can easily see what makes it erotic. I cannot see art that easily.
madison Arnahan: Well some people say that I am.
madison Arnahan: I am a photographer.
Toby Zsun: Well I term myself a photographer as you see...
madison Arnahan: These are yours ..
Toby Zsun: Yes they are.....
madison Arnahan smiles
Toby Zsun: All my own they say
madison Arnahan: I am having a dilemma with BDSM art lately ..
Toby Zsun: Oh in what way?
madison Arnahan: Even my own work so do not take my criticism personally .
madison Arnahan: or observations
Toby Zsun: lol I'm used to criticism...go on:-)
madison Arnahan: I just have not seen too much that makes me think ..
madison Arnahan: and I am not speaking of this here and now specifically . generally .
madison Arnahan: Some pretty pictures.
Toby Zsun: Ok...

madison Arnahan: I did enjoy Expose 12 ..more than others
Toby Zsun: Believe it or not that was the first piece I did!
madison Arnahan: Really
Toby Zsun: The idea came form a work by the late Bob Carlos Clarke
madison Arnahan: There are elements in it I really like . the gloves . the posture..
madison Arnahan: the background
Toby Zsun: It is proving to be one of the most popular

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brief summary of March Palais Issue

I thought I'd sketch a summary of a few of the articles in March's issue. Here it is:

The Mind’s Eye by Michiel Seetan. The inntro starts off with a quote from the Shakespearean play, Hamlet. Hamlet says he sees his father in his ‘mind’s eye’. Mr. Seetan is not arguing that nothing exists outside of our minds, though he admits that our reality is a lot about what we feel, taste, and touch with our senses. Our reality is a kind of ‘virtual reality.’ His main point is that our reality is just as real as virtual reality in Second Life. We experience life through immersion in the ‘real world’ of SL, through observing the works and creations of other resident.

Conquering Good and Evil: One perspective of the movie Black Swan by Elizabeth Weinberg. Black Swan is a movie about a ballerina, Nina, who loves to dance and at the same time, her love for dance threatens to destroy her. She wants to dance perfectly. Her desire consumes her. Nina is bulimic and hates herself to the paint that she mutilates herself. Elizabeth writes that Nina reminds her of the ‘deeply troubled people’ in the world who punish themselves ‘for their on [sic] humanity.’ Her struggles help us to see and understand the reasons for their behavior and internal conflict. “Nina’s struggle with her artistry is a metaphor for the many who seek perfection at the price of their own happiness.”
Frets Nirvana Lifted Up by Music by Traci Nubalo. Frets is ‘an amazingly ecletic player’ who has been performing for all of his life. Frets would play and play while others would party away. He honed his craft. He can play songs from Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed to Delta type blues. Traci says his sound is ‘pure audio magic.’ Frets plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, a 1930 resonator guitar, and a 1990 resonator guitar. Now that’s variety! Frets is really into sound. He has experience working as a recording engineer. He says “Sound has always been what draws me first. If it’s not there, I don’t listen.” Besides really knowing what kind of sound he wants and all the elements needed, he also plays tambourine with his foot! This man is quite versatile! The song that started his love for music…”Louie, Louie.” If you haven’t heard that song, have a listen! His parents bought him his first guitar when he was 6 or 7. He tried lessons and then ended up teaching himself to play. His style is so diverse. He says life is everchanging, going up and down. In his own words, “Music mimics life.” That it does, Frets. Keep on rocking, man!

Second Skills Education in Second Life by Flor Nachtigal. Flor recalls how she learned to be a resident in Second Life. She knew educators used SL as a teaching tool, but she felt that SL was a place to learn about virtual worlds and about desires and fantasies. Second Life is filled with ‘rich content.’ There are a lot of technical schools to be learned in SL. Her first instructor was Brinda Allen (like me). Brinda has helped thousands of residents in SL. But she doesn't just help them, she touches their hearts. She makes them feel loved and special.

These are only a few of the great articles packed into this issue. I hope you read through the entire magazine! :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrity Spotlight....Flor Nachtigal!

Flor is Palais Magazine's Editor-in-Chief. She has been with Palais since its inception. She is intelligent, talented, and a wonderful person to work with. I first met her on Benares. When I met her, she was arranging blocks on her parcel like dominoes. Every block was arranged neatly and with deliberateness.

Brinda Allen, the sim owner of Benares in Second Life wrote a great blog entry about Flor. If you read Flor's article in Palais's most recent issue, you'd have read about Flor's learning experiences in SL. Brinda was her first mentor. Also, brinda was my first mentor and first true friend in SL.

To sum up what Brinda wrote, Flor always liked to build and took interest in building early on. Flor is a great content creator. She even has products posted at marketplace. Read the blog article here.

Flor is the brains of Palais and we are proud to have her behind the wheel, driving Palais forward.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

La Performance presents: ~ ROMANCE ~

                ~ ROMANCE ~ 
               Virtual Dance Show - Modern Ballet

This season, the show will be presented in two locations  on  alternate Sundays with 2 Premieres

               Premiere I:  Sunday March 20th, 2011 - 2.30 PM SLT
                Premiere  II:  Sunday March 27th, 2011 - 2.30 PM SLT

                SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop - aka, Skin City (224, 33, 3096)

                           Mahoney City, Shipstone (226, 139, 3202)

Performances on Sundays in March/April/May:

Globe 2.30 pm slt: PREMIERE 3/20,  4/3, 4/17, LAST 5/1
Mahoney 2.30 pm slt: PREMIERE 3/27,  4/10, 4/24, LAST 5/8


1. Girls - Sailor: Girls, Girls, Girls - 6 dancers
2. Soldier - Sade: Soldier of love - 8 dancers
3. Romance - Lady Gaga: Bad Romance - 6 dancers
4. Way - Alicia Keys & Jack White: Another Way to Die - 9 dancers
5. Oggi - MINA: Oggi sono io - 5 dancers
6. Unusual - Nicole Kidman: Unusual Way (NINE) - 1 dancer
7. Senza - Zucchero: Senza una donna - 12 dancers
8. Bye - Sailor: Girls, Girls, Girls - 15 dancers
9. Surprise - 16 dancers

On Stage:

Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Arabella Luminos, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Emyly Beaumont, Eva Bohemian, Falkon Wickentower, Felicia Ibanez, Jeni Luik, Jie Loon, Lee Kenyon, Line Rayna, Luna Myanamotu,Randy Thor, Ric Lyle, Xanthi Oridium

Master of Ceremonies - Alazi Sautereau
Idea/Concept/Production leader - Jie Loon
Choreography - Jie Loon

Tutors of dances
Aspen Wrigglesworth: ‘Way’, ‘Senza’
Jie Loon: ‘Soldier’, ‘Romance’, ‘Bye’, ‘Surprise’
Line Rayna: ‘Girls’
Xanthi Oridium: ‘Oggi’

Music stream hosted and sponsored by Sandro Sonnenblume (2222-Server-Hosting)

idea/chosen by: Jie Loon
designed/sponsored by: Analee Balut (ALB DREAM FASHION), auster Elan (GizzA),  LeeZu Baxter (LeeZu), Nile Karas (Flowerdreams-Couture), Saby Clary (Utopia)
coordination: Line Rayna

Land sponsored by:
sLiterary - Globe
degoya Galthie - Mahoney

Performances on Sundays in March/April/May:

Globe 2.30 PM SLT:  PREMIERE  3/20, 4/3, 4/17, LAST 5/1

Mahoney 2.30 pm SLT:  PREMIERE  3/27, 4/10, 4/24, LAST 5/8

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"What Bobbi Sees": A look at forms, color, and light through the eyes of Bobbi Laval

Palais Gallery
Opening March 1st 211
Opening reception, 7:00 pm SL time

Bobbi Laval is known for her competitive SecondLife surfing and is often seen dancing at live music venues around SL. However over the last few years she is becoming known for her artistic inworld photography, digital manipulations, and digital paintings. Her subjects range from classical portraits to the wildly abstract. Bobbi's work is expressive in that it portrays the feelings and emotions that she often struggles to express in words. Sometimes tugging at heartstrings, sometimes a bit on the naughty side. Bobbi continues to explore and push her limits, each show or series of art she does tends to be unlike anything else she has done before.

"What Bobbi Sees" is a new exhibit featuring new work with just a few old favorites. It is a look at sensual forms through Bobbi's eyes blending into abstract works that represent the feelings and emotions that escape from Bobbi's head onto the digital screen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Through The Eye of A Woman @ PRAKA Fashion District

PRAKA Fashion District
On Feb. 13, I visited an art exhibit in the PRAKA Fashion district, “Through The Eye of A Woman”. It opened on Feb. 12th and runs until March 14th. The art exhibition is about women’s attitude toward the life and also how the world views and acts toward women. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well in my mind after seeing this gallery, I feel that these artists painted a thousand words in each painting and my review cannot do full justice to the works.

This art exhibit features work from Cat Bocaccio, Maloe Vansant, Callipygian Christensen, Del May, and Dantelicia Ethanial.

I was there around 6pm SLT and I spoke with Katarina Aries, PRAKA owner briefly. I also met Pray Xonfor another owner of PRAKA.

The first exhibit I visited was Dantelicia's. Her theme was "In Motion" As I stared at her work I felt as though the women were suspended in motion...they were seeing something beyond the camera and beyond the observer of the paintings. I wondered what they were contemplating and just what had them enthralled. Whatever it was, they were helpless to deny or ignore its power over them.

Del May’s theme was "Furnished", I found it both captivating and eye-opening. Women were contorted and covered with furniture or the furniture acts as a foil to highlight their nudeness...their vulnerability and fragility. It was truly an eye-opening look at femininity. To me it symbolizes a harsh world that forces women to bend and submit to its harshness. I think just about everyone can recall at least one time in their life when they have felt oppressed and burdened by something or someone.

Callipygian's work was intriguing. Her theme, as described in my words, was sexy buxom women in corsets, garters and brassieres. Her work symbolizes sexual freedom and also how restricting clothing and fashion can be to women. She also has a phenomenal calendar that she's selling, which you will find near her artist photo.
Cat Bocaccio's work was sensuous and brilliant, the theme was "Field of vision."
Her work featured blurring effects, the pieces looked like water color paintings. The message I gleaned from it is that vision is misted over when it comes to society's view of women.

The last exhibit I visited was the one with Maloe Vansant's work. Her theme was "Soul of a non existing woman". There was a painting that portrayed a golden woman. The golden woman made me think that she's near death but still holding on to a last tentative breath. The woman symbolizes a brilliant female who is strong and intelligent, but life is trying to tire her out to the extent that it nearly kills her. But still she fights on.
If I had to sum up the jist of this whole gallery, I’d say that the entire body of art symbolizes a woman’s strength to live and feel in a harsh, uncaring world.

Pictures by Amber Hird