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Your preview of February Issue

Hello readers! I hope you are all well.

This month's issue features an article written by Traci Nubalo, one of the newest members of Palais SL Magazine! Her article was about Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler AKA Pete Mroz, an aspiring musician who is trying to get a recording company to sign with. The article features amazing pictures and a thorough look at what Pete Mroz is all about. We wish him the best of luck! When Traci met with him, he had finished performing to an amazing SL audience. The audience loved him! If you haven't heard his sound, join his fan group for when he plays and contact Traci if you have any questions that you don't think were answered in her article.

Michiel Seetan's article "Larkin' around" is about Philip Larkin, author of 'school girl-spanking-fiction' and how he brought about a new wave of 'sexual freedom.'

In the article "Cybersex beyond SL" by Lady Torri Loring, there is a discussion about virtual sex...what it is and how couples can find satisfaction from it. She first defines virtual sex. In Wikipedia's words, virtual sex is "a sexual act where two or more people gather together via some form or communications equipment." She discusses animated copulation, cuddling and caressing, and real life orgasm. Which method is your preferred one for sexual release? Read this article which starts on page 19 and decide, as well as see what Lady Torri favors.

The article "Men who pose as women" recounts the stories of two men who are in SL as women. Both men are heterosexual in real life and find their sex lives fulfilling. As you have probably learned by now if you've been in SL for months, you can be what you want in SL. For one man, the journey started when he switched to the female form from the appearance menu. At first it was challenging and intimidating to them. One of them noted that women are more open and honest about their experiences. But they soon found that it felt right to be a woman in SL. Overall, both find the experience fulfilling, a rewearding learning experience.

"Understanding my submission" by Elizabeth Weinberg is about domination and submission, about how the author was raised to believe that she had to be in submission of men. But she didn't like any of the men in her life. Was there any way around that? She couldn't find a way. Until she saw the movie, The Story of O, she thought submission was disgusting. The movie revolted her at first. Halfway through, she felt fascinated by a scene in which O is forced to have sex with another man in front of Sir Stephen. O's ultimate desire is to be completely exposed and humiliated. The subimission the writer sees in The Story of O is voluntary but the submission she knew from when she was growing up was forced and oppressive. This article makes one rethink the meanings of sexual submission and dominance. Well done!

"Monogamy: Is it Possible in Second Life?" is written by rodo. He admits to being a 'horrible flirt.' Also, about 90% of the people he cyber'd with aren't single and it does seem like cheating. What if you are involved with someone in RL and with someone in SL? It can get sticky. It can feel like being unfaithful. Why have only one partner in SL? In SL, you're free to be who you want, do what you want (within reasonable limts), and see who you want. And yet, it is possible. "It depends on the person" and what works for them. Just a little aside, I have noticed that the ones with an SL partner are mostly monogamous. I only know of one couple who enjoys "swinging." But even then, they are like a married couple who are so very much in love, despite their inclinations to see other people.

Elizabeth Weinberg's book review of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is the next article you'll find in this month's magazine. It describes how the novel is either one you hate or one that you love. It's political and reflects Rand's views about life and politics. Rand was born and raised in USSR (now known as Russia). The book shows one man's solitary life and struggle against the cold, harsh world that he lives in. Elizabeth recommends the book for those who aren't "looking for powerful social interaction or a passionate love story." Roark is a struggling architect who stands up for his work (art) and doesn't try to compromise with people who want to alter his work. I have read the novel in its entirety some years ago and I also recommend it. I caution you that if you're expecting some idealistic, optimistic, ordinary book about life and struggle, this might not be the book for you. The novel is unapologetic and blunt.

And now, the article that you must all be interested in..."Shemales", which was written by Elizabeth Weinberg. In this article she defines them as an avatar with female breasts and a large penis. The males "look female in hair, skin, shape, and legs." Shemales speak to the mysterious interchange between females and males. Elizabeth has many shemales friends and she finds them "fascinating, unpredictable, extravagant, explosive, and most of all seductive." Does this have you more intrigued? I hope so. So why don't you read this article? You might learn something that you didn't know. Smiles.

The last article is "Exploring Voyeurism & Exhibitionism" by lana Melune. lana explores The Keyhole and Dirty Talk with her partner. At the Keyhole, upon arrival you get a notecard that informs you that the place is for voyeurs and exhibitionists and there is no privacy. They spoke with "Annie" about the experience at the club. Annie works there. Annie said that most guys could get aroused by skilled cyber text, the visual was only the support. She only knew of one guy who was great at cyber text. While lana and her partner were there, they watched as 3 individuals got aroused and orgasmed. They could hear them really get into from the voice chat they overheard. Did the author and her partner try it? Read and find out!
The second destination they visited was Dirty talk, a classy looking sex lounge. The place has a nice seating area and a small stage where the host addresses the audience to talk. The conversation was mainly about the audience's fantasies. There were a few "shows" in which people could voice and get turned on. lana found Dirty Talk to be a venue more conducive to sexual fulfillment. Why not visit these destinations with your honey and see if the two of you can find satisfaction?

Well there you have it, a fairly brief preview of what you'll read about in the February Issue of Palais SL Magazine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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