Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Through The Eye of A Woman @ PRAKA Fashion District

PRAKA Fashion District
On Feb. 13, I visited an art exhibit in the PRAKA Fashion district, “Through The Eye of A Woman”. It opened on Feb. 12th and runs until March 14th. The art exhibition is about women’s attitude toward the life and also how the world views and acts toward women. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well in my mind after seeing this gallery, I feel that these artists painted a thousand words in each painting and my review cannot do full justice to the works.

This art exhibit features work from Cat Bocaccio, Maloe Vansant, Callipygian Christensen, Del May, and Dantelicia Ethanial.

I was there around 6pm SLT and I spoke with Katarina Aries, PRAKA owner briefly. I also met Pray Xonfor another owner of PRAKA.

The first exhibit I visited was Dantelicia's. Her theme was "In Motion" As I stared at her work I felt as though the women were suspended in motion...they were seeing something beyond the camera and beyond the observer of the paintings. I wondered what they were contemplating and just what had them enthralled. Whatever it was, they were helpless to deny or ignore its power over them.

Del May’s theme was "Furnished", I found it both captivating and eye-opening. Women were contorted and covered with furniture or the furniture acts as a foil to highlight their nudeness...their vulnerability and fragility. It was truly an eye-opening look at femininity. To me it symbolizes a harsh world that forces women to bend and submit to its harshness. I think just about everyone can recall at least one time in their life when they have felt oppressed and burdened by something or someone.

Callipygian's work was intriguing. Her theme, as described in my words, was sexy buxom women in corsets, garters and brassieres. Her work symbolizes sexual freedom and also how restricting clothing and fashion can be to women. She also has a phenomenal calendar that she's selling, which you will find near her artist photo.
Cat Bocaccio's work was sensuous and brilliant, the theme was "Field of vision."
Her work featured blurring effects, the pieces looked like water color paintings. The message I gleaned from it is that vision is misted over when it comes to society's view of women.

The last exhibit I visited was the one with Maloe Vansant's work. Her theme was "Soul of a non existing woman". There was a painting that portrayed a golden woman. The golden woman made me think that she's near death but still holding on to a last tentative breath. The woman symbolizes a brilliant female who is strong and intelligent, but life is trying to tire her out to the extent that it nearly kills her. But still she fights on.
If I had to sum up the jist of this whole gallery, I’d say that the entire body of art symbolizes a woman’s strength to live and feel in a harsh, uncaring world.

Pictures by Amber Hird

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