Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome to Xaara

Welcome to Xaara

Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of our lovely sim. Have a browse. Sit down and relax and have a drink. Check out the teleporters- they will get you to the main locations. One is at SLURL here.

Take your time and explore Alanis Gallery- erotic artworks and the lovely angels in the garden. Upstairs, Sylvia Fitzpatrick has her gallery of real life portraits. Come check it out! SLURL

Rentals are available- check it near the main pier at Ayla's Estate Office- or IM Ayla Guisse.


We know that some of you take lovely photos and invite you to send a full-perm texture, with a short title and your full name in the description, to either Sylvia Fitzpatrick or Michiel Seetan. It will then be displayed (not for sale) on the balcony overlooking the garden of Alanis Gallery, Roissy 2 – Sylvia has put up some boards and, once they have filled up, there will have to be a waiting list; so act fast to bring your talents to a wider audience.

Open to Alanis and/or Michiel Seetan Group members. The Alanis group has over 550 members. Join now!

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