Friday, January 14, 2011

Now you can join 42 notice

Hey readers!

I know I don't usually post about tech stuff, but I think this is important. Linden Labs just enabled 42 groups on the grid as of yesterday. You get 42 if you're in V 2.4. If you're in Phoenix 1.52.818 you get 40 log into V 2.4 and join at least one group, log out of 2.4 then back into Phoenix or whatever viewer you're using.

If you can't get it in Phoenix, go to debug settings from Advanced. In debug type Phoenix40groupsupport and select true. Then x out.

This is great news for those of us, like myself, who find that they have filled all group slots and want more groups or keep on leaving groups. I can never keep an empty group slot for long and I try so hard. Haha.

Check this link for more details:

Happy Friday all!

Be safe and be happy.

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