Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing Traci Nubalo...

Traci Nubalo is a veteran of the RL music industry. She has won awards for her work as a performer, musical artist manager, tour director, music journalist and rock radio station executive.

She arrived on the Second Life music scene in January, 2009 when her music blog “Traci Nubalo: The Word” ( first went online. The Word is now home to more than thirty of Traci’s articles. She was quickly syndicated by Virtual Times, increasing their circulation many-fold before they stopped publishing last year.

She currently writes lifestyle pieces for Best Of SL Magazine. Her long-form SL music reviews can be seen in the pages of PURE Magazine, which is also home to her monthly column “Bytes & Pixels”, a collection of short bits and pieces on our music/entertainment scene.

In January 2011 Traci joined forces with Palais, where she writes interview/articles on her great love, the Second Life music scene.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Palais team,”, says Traci (yes, THAT Traci!). Commitment to excellence is important to me and I’m finding that in a big way here.”


  1. Everything written in the above article about Traci is so very true. Traci has an infinite knowledge of all aspects of the music scene here in Second Life. I met her 3 months ago and she has been a true inspiration for me. She's professional in what she does and has earned quite a lot of respect within the music scene here. Congratulations Traci!!

  2. From MIchiel Seetan
    Ms Nubalo knows a lot about the music scene in both RL and SL and has the increasingly rare ability to differentiate between what we are told to like and what is worth liking. I doubt there’s anyone more committed to promoting real music in SL and her writing is a treat. I congratulate the Palais Mag on acquiring her talents.