Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Think on this...

A young girl and her pre-teen brother are on a train. It is perhaps a long journey, perhaps a short one. Perhaps they are tired, cold or hungry. Perhaps she is cranky at his fidgeting. She looks down and sees he is wearing no socks. She may have called him stupid, perhaps something less self-righteous, but she was critical.

Soon thereafter, the train arrived at its destination, and they were separated.

Their destination was Auschwitz and she never saw her brother again.

She had a lot of time to think on this and she resolved never to say anything to anyone that could not stand as the last words they heard from her.

Think about this. One way or another, one day or another, every person you have ever spoken with will have no chance of hearing you say another word to them.

What will those last words be?

Welcome to Xaara

Welcome to Xaara

Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of our lovely sim. Have a browse. Sit down and relax and have a drink. Check out the teleporters- they will get you to the main locations. One is at SLURL here.

Take your time and explore Alanis Gallery- erotic artworks and the lovely angels in the garden. Upstairs, Sylvia Fitzpatrick has her gallery of real life portraits. Come check it out! SLURL

Rentals are available- check it near the main pier at Ayla's Estate Office- or IM Ayla Guisse.


We know that some of you take lovely photos and invite you to send a full-perm texture, with a short title and your full name in the description, to either Sylvia Fitzpatrick or Michiel Seetan. It will then be displayed (not for sale) on the balcony overlooking the garden of Alanis Gallery, Roissy 2 – Sylvia has put up some boards and, once they have filled up, there will have to be a waiting list; so act fast to bring your talents to a wider audience.

Open to Alanis and/or Michiel Seetan Group members. The Alanis group has over 550 members. Join now!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Other Edge

(A true story, recalled after reading Carey DeCuir’s “Edge of Suicide,” Palais SL Magazine, December 2010)

I am torn between a deep-seated belief that we all shuffle off this mortal coil when we are supposed to, as part of some grand scheme, and wondering if suicide is the same as any other death in this scheme. Is it predestined that this person should die by their own hand, rather than in a traffic accident, disease or being murdered? In the end, dead is dead, right?

Once (more than once, I suppose you might say) I thought I had the right as well as the ability to end my life on my own schedule. I was wrong or at least failed in several attempts. I am intrigued that when it came time to shake hands with Mr. Brink from external causes, I clung to this existence for, if you will pardon the expression, for dear life.

The incident recounted below took place in July of 1992 and seems a lifetime away. I was feeling overwhelmed with pressures and doubts and it just seemed moiré than I could face. I am as convinced now that suicide is never the answer as I was that it was the only course then.


The barrel of the pistol was cool as I nestled in my ear on that hot July afternoon, and the click as the hammer fell on the empty chamber uncomfortably loud. So far, so good. Pity I had to buy 100 shells, as one shot was likely all I would be able to take. I thought about what I had heard, that a .22 doesn’t have the velocity to exit through the skull, that the slug just tumbles around like a pinball, doing low-level but hopefully lethal damage to the soft tissue. Not ideal, but I could hope to die quickly, or be unconscious as my life drained away.

I had picked the spot, the place we had called “Rabbit Gulch” for its isolation. More a path than a road unless you knew where to go, I sat in my rusty, orange 1974 BMW 2002 facing the Front Range of the Rockies a few miles south and east of Boulder. I felt a twinge of guilt about the oil that was dripping onto the thirsty ground, but it could not be helped.

I test fired one more time, and slipped a shell into the chamber. I composed myself for the act, and briefly considered the fact I had written no note. What was there to say? My wife would be free to return to England, I would be free of my student loans and the bleak job prospects in Cornwall. It would be best, for all concerned. I jammed the barrel into my ear.
Then, in my rear view mirror, someone on horseback appeared, coming towards me. And another. At least a dozen, ambling in single file. I could not risk spooking a horse with a gunshot, did not wish to be responsible for someone else’s injury, so far from anywhere. So I waited.

And I waited. The plateau we were on is broad, and the riders were strung out, in no particular hurry, the sort of string a dude ranch might put together. I was a fool to pick a Sunday, it seemed.

As the last swishing tail vanished as they rode down the rise, another party appeared from the west, coming toward me again. Same leisurely pace, same dude ranch “feel,” I suspected many had never been on a horse. “Bloody hell,” I thought, “it’s a conspiracy…” It seemed so appropriate – my soon to be widow claimed it just sounded wrong when I said ‘bloody,’ my American accent made it sound vulgar. She could keep her proper English ways, we’d be free of each other soon enough. Son as the horses passed, even more in this second group.

I thought about Penelope Jane. She wasn’t a bad person, we had some good times, probably more good than bad; I thought about my dad, who would say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. As I watched the last horse vanish I picked up the gun once more.

The day had waned and the sun was now setting. Not just any sunset, no. A picture postcard sunset. I had to watch. I thought about never seeing Jane or my family again, never tasting homemade ice cream or hearing Enya or Sade or Beethoven and I drove home in the fading dusk, to face whatever life had in store.


That was not my first brush with suicide and I would try again later that year, but it was long ago and while I often think I would be better off dead, I know one thing: it is not up to me to decide the hour of my death. If it was, I would not still be here.

I never knew I did not want to jump into the Grand Canyon until I stood there. Sometimes you need the view from the edge.

Zebulon2 Albion

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where is the love?

It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. For more than a generation, abortion has been legal. And for more than a generation there has been strife, a polarization between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.

In truth, there are many shades of belief, I suspect, within those who favor Choice, at least. I do not favor abortion. I see it as a last resort, not a convenient form of birth control for those who cannot be bothered to use another method. But I still favor the rights of the individual, the freedom to choose the course of one’s life. I simply cannot see it any other way, and I realize this is a flaw in me. I struggle with the issue of when life begins, struggle with the morality. But I would never impose my struggle on another or resort to violence.

Abortion clinics have been bombed and abortion providers murdered, by people who may genuinely believe their cause is just and their means thus justified. Yet why is this unlike what recently happened in Tucson? How does a “Pro-Life” person justify the risking of or taking another’s life in order to advance their cause? Can it advance their cause? To be fair, we do not know for certain what the Tucson shooters motives and beliefs are/were, but his victims are just as dead as the abortion doctors. Again, I show my own failings, perhaps, in seeing no difference between one murder and another.

Consider this:

A baby weighing as little as 1,000 grams, or about 2 pounds, can survive. With a lot of modern medical care. A baby not carried to term faces significant health issues; the earlier it is born the more serious. A birth weight three times that is considered low in a full-term baby. The present estimated cost of raising a child to age 18 is some $225,000. That is assuming no complications. And it assumes the child is born to a poor or indigent woman, assumes the child will not become a burden on society for its education, healthcare or other social issues. Will the Pro Life camp be there to help, with their time and their dollars, when they have forced this child to be born, wanted or otherwise?

A man cannot get pregnant and therefore is not able to understand, let alone feel, except externally, any aspect of a pregnancy. He goes to work, watches TV, sleeps. Unpregnant, while his wife, daughter neighbor or total stranger is pregnant 24/7 for up to 9 months. Why should he have any say whatsoever in something that can never directly affect him? Why is he allowed to vote? It’s like a non-citizen being able to cast a ballot on any issue that will not affect him in his home country. It’s just wrong.

Finally, whatever happened to the concept of a child being a “blessed event?” Shouldn’t a child be wanted? Won’t a child who is wanted and loved by both parents have a significantly better chance to grow up healthy and happy, of become a beneficial, functioning member of society than one who is forced upon an unwilling mother by a society that values not the child itself, only its birth?

A child is a human being, not a political football. I am weary of the rhetoric from both sides. My only question is this:

Where is the love?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Come get a Palais kiosk!

Help spread the word! Be subversive! Palais SL Magazine, "the most dangerous magazine in SL."

Kiosks available on marketplace here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marketing Art and Photography - Morgana Nagorski 6:30 PM SLT

Marketing Art and Photography
A Symposium for Gallery and Studio Owners

Thursday,  January 20
Morgana Nagorski 6:30 PM SLT
Curator for PRAKA

Having an exhibition ?

"Brand It ... and make it Sizzle !"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Marketing Art and Photography

Marketing Art and Photography
A Symposium for Gallery and Studio Owners

You have the talent. You have built it. They did not come.  Tired of the empty studio or gallery? We have five speakers with records of accomplishment that can help you raise your visibility  increase your sales and increase your traffic.

Sasun Steinbeck, Elizabeth Weinberg, madison Arnahan, Morgana Nagorski, colleen Criss

Where:  Palais SL Magazine SLURL
When: January 17- 21

January 17- 21
Monday, January 17
Sasun Steinbeck  6:00 PM SLT
Art Galleries of Second Life
Tuesday, January 18
Elizabeth Weinberg  7:00 PM SLT
Palais Orleans Art Group "the Promotion Princess"
Wednesday, January 19
madison Arnahan 7:15  PM SLT
Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs
LUMIpro Sales and Marketing Director
Thursday,  January 20
Morgana Nagorski 6:30 PM SLT
Curator for PRAKA
Friday. Janurary 21
colleen Criss 7:00 PM SLT
photoLIFE General Manager
Colleen Criss Weblog

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moulin Rouge Presents Cabaret

Tonight at the Moulin Rouge
7:00 PM SLT

Friday, January 14, 2011

Now you can join 42 notice

Hey readers!

I know I don't usually post about tech stuff, but I think this is important. Linden Labs just enabled 42 groups on the grid as of yesterday. You get 42 if you're in V 2.4. If you're in Phoenix 1.52.818 you get 40 log into V 2.4 and join at least one group, log out of 2.4 then back into Phoenix or whatever viewer you're using.

If you can't get it in Phoenix, go to debug settings from Advanced. In debug type Phoenix40groupsupport and select true. Then x out.

This is great news for those of us, like myself, who find that they have filled all group slots and want more groups or keep on leaving groups. I can never keep an empty group slot for long and I try so hard. Haha.

Check this link for more details:

Happy Friday all!

Be safe and be happy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing Traci Nubalo...

Traci Nubalo is a veteran of the RL music industry. She has won awards for her work as a performer, musical artist manager, tour director, music journalist and rock radio station executive.

She arrived on the Second Life music scene in January, 2009 when her music blog “Traci Nubalo: The Word” ( first went online. The Word is now home to more than thirty of Traci’s articles. She was quickly syndicated by Virtual Times, increasing their circulation many-fold before they stopped publishing last year.

She currently writes lifestyle pieces for Best Of SL Magazine. Her long-form SL music reviews can be seen in the pages of PURE Magazine, which is also home to her monthly column “Bytes & Pixels”, a collection of short bits and pieces on our music/entertainment scene.

In January 2011 Traci joined forces with Palais, where she writes interview/articles on her great love, the Second Life music scene.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Palais team,”, says Traci (yes, THAT Traci!). Commitment to excellence is important to me and I’m finding that in a big way here.”

Monday, January 10, 2011

Missy ! Versatile Exhibition

Missy !

Versatile Exhibition

Opening Jan 11, 2011 7:30 PM
Palais Orleans Galerie d'Art

aka eddie01nz Florio

Outrageous ? Outlandish ?

Extraordinary images from the talent known as Missy.   Thirty selected pieces from her body of work that reflects her unique style and  point of view.

Click for SLURL

Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Twisted at the Twisted Orchid

What does one do when confronted with the busy SL days of running a magazine, an art gallery and marketing for the LUMIpro photography system ?

Here is where I like to relax. The Twisted Orchid Bondage Club. Not only relax. I enjoy dancing here. The atmosphere is warm and wet. I confess that I love the decadence.

I have fun just being in the audience as well and watching the very skillful dancing that takes place here on a regular basis. These girls have pushed the world of "emotes" to an art form.  This morning  I watched Becky Kenaan, Ulla Zepp,  cindy Kundiman, and Alou Kenyon.

You can find this place, the Twisted Orchid here.