Monday, December 13, 2010

Winterfest and Sanguinus!

Hello readers!

I hope you're all doing well! I've been busy exploring and talking to people! Second Life is such a sociable, fascinating place! Anway, I have 2 things to share with you!

From the latest issue of SL's magazine The Sandbox, I found the winter maze. I teleported in and found myself in a hockey rink. Really cool! When you go, don't forget to dress warmly! I made my way out of the rink. I had to go into the locker room (fortunately or unfortunately, there was no one in there haha.) and I walked out the front door. Once outside you look for signs that point you in the direction of the maze. I saw 2 sizes. Here's the LM, it sets you right at the entrance of the maze! . See if you can find your way out...I dare you! ;-)

My second piece of news is that I found a lovely shop that features dress silks, Sanguinus Silks: The shop is owned by Veronica Vervain. These are not the freebie silks you can find in most freebie stores. These are quality silks that come in several colors: red, green, gold, purple, and white. Below I have included some pictures.

The sim is not a Gor sim, but she says "we (at the sim) do enjoy some of their traditions." She also creates skins, shapes, makeup layers, among other things. She has about 20 skins that she gives to new residents who can't afford to buy them. She also does custom work. She has designed skins and shapes for many people. Also, she does some scripting. She is working on designing clothing that can compliment Open Collar software. In real life she's a graphic artist. Her work is detailed and brilliant! Currently she is working on expanding her store to make room for her other creations. Won't you come by for a visit?

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