Monday, December 20, 2010

Update to the Charities in SL Article

Life moves fast in Second Life. In the time between the writing of this article and the publication of this issue, the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum has closed their doors.

They were forced to close due to the loss of their licensing agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation who own the intellectual property rights to Frank Lloyd Wright's estate.

The loss of the licensing came as a complete surprise to the museum staff who had been in negotiation with the Foundation. All builds had to be taken down within 12 days of the cease and desist order. The sim where the museum was located will be renamed shortly, removing the Frank Lloyd Wright name.

We spoke to Rosalie Oldrich, the former co-executive director of the museum, who told us she feels a great educational application of Second Life has been lost. However, the staff of the museum have plans for another virtual museum at the same site. We will remain in touch with them and keep you posted on their progress.

More details on the closing can be found at:

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