Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing Victoria Lenoirre

Greetings, Palais Orleans blog readers. We here at Palais hope you enjoyed the latest issue, our November issue.

Here's a bit of news, Palais Magazine has acquired a new member, Victoria Lenoirre. She will be manager of this blog and will post once a week, besides myself.

Victoria has been a member of SL for over 4 months and resides in Benares, where she serves as one of the estate managers. If you like to live by the water, want privacy, and love people...come live at Benares. Feel free to IM brinda Allen for more information!

Victoria loves to write, enjoys good music, and likes to build. Since August, she has written for Wonderful Evenings, which is owned by Edge Catteneo. She writes about museums and art galleries. Her particular favorites so far are Ubi Yifu's Sky Sculptures Gallery, Mountain String's Mountain String Poetry Gallery, and Fuschia Nightfire's techno gallery that was up during the summer. Also, she has written an article about Midnight McCarty for Cisum Webzine, a web magazine that interviews real life musicians who also perform in SL.

We welcome her to the team and hope to see great articles from her!

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  1. Thank you, Madison! I'm happy to be part of the team. Hope you're all enjoying your week! :-)