Monday, November 22, 2010

December Preview

Dear Readers,

here is a little teaser of what to expect for the December issue. We will be looking at money in Second Life from various angles, and as usual there will be some poetry as well as a few things unrelated to our main theme. Below is a preliminary table of contents. Expect the new issue on or around December 15th at a kiosk near you, in the group messages and on our blog at

The Price of Being a Fashionista: It's not as high as you think by Shon Charisma

Second Life Economyby Linsey Carter

Charities in Second Lifeby Felicia Wyx

Suicide and Survival in Second Life by Flor Nachtigal

The Edge of Suicide by Maggie D

Poem: Clock Out by Allure Vultee

Poem: Hide and Seek, Author: Allure Vultee

Look for the next issue in stands soon!

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