Friday, November 26, 2010

Calendar Girls of Second Life 2011

Calendar Girls of Second Life 2011

This 2011 calendar is a collaboration between photographer and model (most of the models are Cat's friends and clients) to create a unique tribute to some of SL's most interesting and beautiful women, while opening our hearts to those less fortunate.

The calendar celebrates 12 sensual women in 12 backdrops reflecting the "star signs" theme. All proceeds from the sale of '"Calendar girls of Second Life 2011" go to THE HUNGER PROJECT.

Heartfelt thanks to the models and all who help support this most worthy cause.

We invite you to meet with Cat Boccaccio and the models that devoted there time to this effort tonight at the Palais SL Magazine Gallery. This event will begin at 9:00 PM SL Time, Friday, November 26.

This exhibit is sponsored by LUMIpro Photography Systems and Palais SL Magazine.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Palais SL Magazine!

Hello Readers!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Palais Magazine! Relax, enjoy it and stay safe!

Don't forget to visit this page after the holiday weekend! December's issue will be about SL businesses. You might see some blog posts about some cool shopping places in SL!

Best Regards,

The Palais Magazine Staff

Monday, November 22, 2010

December Preview

Dear Readers,

here is a little teaser of what to expect for the December issue. We will be looking at money in Second Life from various angles, and as usual there will be some poetry as well as a few things unrelated to our main theme. Below is a preliminary table of contents. Expect the new issue on or around December 15th at a kiosk near you, in the group messages and on our blog at

The Price of Being a Fashionista: It's not as high as you think by Shon Charisma

Second Life Economyby Linsey Carter

Charities in Second Lifeby Felicia Wyx

Suicide and Survival in Second Life by Flor Nachtigal

The Edge of Suicide by Maggie D

Poem: Clock Out by Allure Vultee

Poem: Hide and Seek, Author: Allure Vultee

Look for the next issue in stands soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thoughts on Sex in Second Life

January’s issue will focus on Sex. Sex is such a loaded topic, no matter where you come from or from what viewpoint you look at it from. Critics of Second Life have said that sex is so rampant, but isn’t it like that in real life too? Second Life just seems to show it more explicitly, because SL is mainly about images and sound. In real life, you can see and feel sex all around you…in magazines, in store catalogs, on billboards on the street or in the mall, in TV commercials, on the radio, and especially in movies. I’ve even heard that there are some people who always think about sex in their every waking moment, perhaps it’s always on their mind when they sleep as well.

The other night I was conversing with a young man about his experience on Second Life. He says that he prefers to consider it a game. When I asked him why he said that it was his way of not taking things too seriously in SL, a way to protect himself from getting hurt as he has been in real life. I’m sure he’s not the only one who calls SL a game for that reason. So now, there is this game element, which I want to examine here.

If SL is a game, why do people get hurt so easily? Why do some people avoid sex on SL, after all it’s “just pixels” and it’s “just a game”? From my experience and from what I’ve heard from people I know, people can get seriously hurt on here, even if it’s not really us on the screen. It’s like online dating except with a myriad of things to do and see. You spend time getting to know people, you start feeling close to them, and eventually without knowing it, you come to expect things from them like honesty, trust, or a relationship, just to list a few of the things anyone can expect. When they don’t deliver any of those expectations, we feel disappointed or devastated.
What does this all have to do with sex? Well just like real life, SL sex can complicate relationships and friendships. Some people think that just because they have had sex, they’re an exclusive couple. However, others do not see it like that. Others think it’s a game and they have SL sex with many people on a constant basis. It’s nothing serious, right?
So what should one do? Here’s my advice for those who want to just have fun and avoid the nasty drama:

Avoid drama llamas or drama mamas, those people create drama like rain; they can call it up at will and make it sprinkle or pour like crazy.

Don’t enter into a relationship if you feel like the other person really wants a serious, steady, exclusive relationship. Usually serious relationships don’t work in SL and there will be much pain later on. Save yourself the heartache and headaches, dare to be free and always be happy with how you are. If you feel really good as you are, stay with the status quo.

My last piece of advice is to remember why you’re here (Who’s here for the drama? Very few, I think)….have fun!

Carley Noonan's Exhibit Passionate Reflections

"Passionate Reflections" is a collection of erotica from SL and RL artist Carley Noonan.  Carley captures the exotic and erotic in her own inimitable style. Ms. Noonan avoids the cliches of BDSM as she explores the subjects of bondage and lesbianism.

Opening this Monday, November 22 7:30 PM SL  at the new Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs.  SLURL here.

Friday, November 19, 2010


One of our advertisers, LUMIpro, recently found a new home in Tasogare. If you are a SL photographer or thinking of exploring the grid camera in hand LUMIpro can do that. Rez it anywhere and pose your models anywhere.  Photography on the go.  The adjustable lights give you the ability to add more depth to your compositions. If you model moves. They move with the model so there is not that constant readjustment.

madison arnahan self portrait taken with LUMIpro

LUMIpro is the creation of RL photographer Stefan Buscaylet and is available inworld here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing Victoria Lenoirre

Greetings, Palais Orleans blog readers. We here at Palais hope you enjoyed the latest issue, our November issue.

Here's a bit of news, Palais Magazine has acquired a new member, Victoria Lenoirre. She will be manager of this blog and will post once a week, besides myself.

Victoria has been a member of SL for over 4 months and resides in Benares, where she serves as one of the estate managers. If you like to live by the water, want privacy, and love people...come live at Benares. Feel free to IM brinda Allen for more information!

Victoria loves to write, enjoys good music, and likes to build. Since August, she has written for Wonderful Evenings, which is owned by Edge Catteneo. She writes about museums and art galleries. Her particular favorites so far are Ubi Yifu's Sky Sculptures Gallery, Mountain String's Mountain String Poetry Gallery, and Fuschia Nightfire's techno gallery that was up during the summer. Also, she has written an article about Midnight McCarty for Cisum Webzine, a web magazine that interviews real life musicians who also perform in SL.

We welcome her to the team and hope to see great articles from her!