Sunday, October 24, 2010

World of Art and Fashion Closing

"Please be advised that World of Art & Fashion will be officially closing down at the end of this month (11/1). RL is making it hard for me to pay for the tier and the lack of donations and not being able to find a reliable event manager does not help. So it is with great sorrow that I will close down the fruit of my hard work. I did everything I could possibly think of maintain this gallery and make sure artists are being recognized but not help does not make it easy."

Having received that annoucement I am lamenting the closure of yet another wonderful SL Gallery. Nicci Winsmore announced this yesterday to her group and will be closing her outstanding gallery, World of Art and Fashion. I have enjoyed working with Nicci and had the honor of displaying some of my work on her walls.

Whatever may be said I know she can hold her head up high. She was uncompromising with her standards. Nicci presented intelligent and intriguing concepts from an array of artists and never compromised her standards to feed the bottom line. I have seen so called erotic “art” fly off the walls. Most of the BDSM art that sells so well is simply crap that rarely evokes an intelligent essay of an idea

When I see galleries succeeding that are selling things that I know were simply ripped off from the Internet or simply Eastern European porn it is discouraging. We need more Nicci Winsmore's. Good luck to Nicci and thank you.

World of Art & Fashion

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  1. I am so sad that Nicci is shutting down. She had built a great gallery but it is so difficult to generate support.