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Kika's Curse

Kika's Curse

a Greek Myth

by Elbereth Exonar


Long ago, the world was different. It was an idyllic place, before men shackled Time, slicing it into weeks and hours, when each day and night was a delightful search for food, drink and pleasure.


Once upon a time, on the slopes of Mount Olympus, there lived a young satyr, Leimakika, daughter of the satyr King, Silinus and the meadow nymph Leimakid. Now as you know, satyrs were never plentiful and female satyrs even less so. Yet she lived.

Lovely as her mother, lusty and powerful as her father, she was never without a willing and eager companion - until she beheld the youth, Narcissus. As he gazed at his reflection, she fell instantly in love. She danced her most seductive dance, but Narcissus, aware of nothing but his own beauty, ignored her. She called out to him. No reply. And truly, Narcissus has his own story, so we will not trouble him further here.

As she danced, hoping to attract the youth, Kika (for so she called herself) was observed by a most comely young man. He approached, and spoke to her but, besotted with Narcissus, she rebuffed him. Unfortunately, the comely young man was none other than Zeus, in another guise, who took great umbrage at her rejection.

So he cursed her.

His curse was simply this: she would be attracted to all creatures as before, but only one in ten would desire her in return. And, no matter how much stimulation she might receive, from herself or others, it would never be enough to satisfy her until she had thrice willingly taken Zeus into her body. Now of course you and I know this, but she did not. All she knew was a terrible, sweet longing that left her constantly breathless. And being not without pity, Zeus allowed that when she danced, her desire would ebb. But only so long as she danced.

And so it was that she danced and desired day and night. She encountered nymphs and elves, sprites and fairies, as well as a human or three. And to her dismay, most rebuffed her, even those who had sought her favors not long before...

Kika discovered that sprites were easiest to entice, though they quickly tired and flew away. Fairies were more substantial and more fun, but still all her efforts at achieving the shuddering satisfaction she had once enjoyed were elusive as a sprite.

Day followed night and night followed day and still she desired, hovering on the brink like a hummingbird, only to have her release flit away. So Kika did not know how long it had been, only that orgasm was becoming a distant memory.

One day she found a fairy that did not flee, and they were enjoying themselves quite nicely when a faun came along and pulled the fairy off Kika. Kika leapt up to protest but he was determined. Although smaller than she, he was nevertheless powerful and with one blow to her jaw, knocked Kika unconscious. She crumbled and he left her, turning once again to the fairy.

But Zeus was not the only one on Olympus with power and vision. Hera watched her husband as he knocked Kika senseless after assuming the form of a faun and in that instant determined to intervene. Hera made Kika sleep, while at the same time casting a glamour over her so the young satyr was invisible to all, then assumed Kika's form.

Zeus began using the fairy for his own pleasure, but as Kika had discovered, they reach their climax quickly and go on to other things. Panting, still full with desire, the faun remembered Kika. He lay on his back, eyes closed, manhood still stiff, wondered if he might take her before she regained her senses - and at that moment, she mounted him. Closing her own eyes as his shaft filled her, as he began to thrust, she began to moan.

Hera / Kika rode the faun, rode the faun for hours, laughing to herself all the while to best her husband in such a delightful manner. She alternately pinning his arms and let him stroke her back or tug the chain dangling from her nipples. She turned her back and rode him that way until the faun's body erupted and she felt him grow limp.

They lay together on the cool grass as night closed in, and she took him again when his manhood slowly came back to its full glory. So in this way Hera satisfied two parts of the curse while Kika slept, mercifully free of yearning for a time.

Kika awoke to find the morning well advanced and set about finding food. Returning to the pool in her cave, she let the water sluice over her body and began to feel the returning yearning. Rubbing a sore spot on her jaw, she stepped out of the pool and it was then she heard the giggling.

Entering her bedchamber she found two sprites cavorting on her sleeping furs. As they pleasured each other, Kika crawled nearer, beginning to feel wetness from within. She ached with desire, all the while knowing they might flee. She lightly stroked the green leg, slowly searching for the heat like her own. Her moans mingled with the moans and gasps the green one was bringing forth from her partner and all too soon it was over. They paid little attention to her as they sat, catching their breath and said not a word as they flew away.

Kika lay there, continuing to moan as her fingers began the dance of love, all the while knowing it might end in frustration. She cried out in surprise as rough hands rolled her to her belly, cried out in shock as a hard shaft spread her nether lips and cried out inn pleasure as he began to thrust.

Such delicious, lingering torture! After the flighty sprites and impatient fairies his deep, measured thrusts and quick, penetrating jabs soon had her moaning in earnest. As he turned her around and pushed her to her knees, she realized this was the young man who had asked for her favors some time ago, but as she took him in her mouth she cared only for the fact he had already stayed with her longer than the sprites. Her desire knew no bounds and she loved him with her mouth and made no protest when he laid her down and began tonguing her sex.

She writhed and moaned and made no protest when he stood and thrust himself into her once more. She flexed her hips, meeting each thrust with one of her own. His fingers pulled her tail, and invaded her backside. She cried out in frustration, wanting the pleasure to continue and needing release so very badly.

All at once a tidal wave of pleasure swept over the dam that had held her on edge for so long, bursting it asunder and she wondered for a moment how many hands he had before surrendering to the shuddering ecstasy.

Smiling, she opened her eyes and saw no one there. She could feel the thrusts still, was still thrusting herself onto him but the cavern was empty. Slowly she sank to the furs, still trembling, and rolled to her side. As she drifted into a peaceful sleep, she thought she heard a woman's voice in her mind saying "all is well. I am watching over you."



Hera smiled as she watched Zeus rutting with yet another plaything, then went back to overseeing all things from Olympus. Let him play, and continue to think he was in charge, for it kept him out of her hair. She took a moment to whisper to the sated satyr, and smiled again as she thought about giving Kika another nap. Soon. Two could play Zeus's game...


(In early summer 2010 the pictures illustrating this story, some 20 or more, were on display at the Blackthorne Gallery. As we are not permitted to post pictures containing nudity or sexual situations on these pages, your imagination will have to suffice - and might do a better job anyway!)

(c) 2010

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