Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Darkley Aeon "Flawed Opening Friday at 1:00PM

"Flawed" is an exhibition of portraits by Darkley Aeon, which show  more than a beautiful avatar. SL abounds with those.  In Darkley's world the avatar reflects the human side.

Would the "sling and arrows of outrageous fortune" leave their marks ? Their scars ?

With their scars intact, their flaws, Darkley engages us not with SL Barbie Dolls, but  with a glimpse into our humanity.

"I don't want to be Barbie.......I want to be Barbie with a gun" Darkley Aeon.

Darkley Aeon was a RL photographer for many years and has been working in SL as a photographer/artist for the last 2, firstly working in a studio and then moving onto using secondlife places as a backdrop.  Darkley loves the possibilities of working in SL, the potential to realise ideas not possible in the outside world. Darkley uses the name of Guerrilla Photography as there is no home base, just 'have poses, can travel'.

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